All About Leather

Leather Facts

Genuine top-grain leather is natural, longwearing, elegant, comfortable & sensual.

Genuine leather improves over time & adapts to the temperature of your room. Unlike vinyl & man-made materials, genuine leather breathes. In winter, it gives off snug warmth, while in summer you will discover it to be refreshingly cool. Leather is practical & beautiful.

We believe leather-upholstered furniture to be a great investment & an excellent value. From chic modern to hip traditional, we offer a style for every living room.

With our 3 leather types, we offer a solution for every lifestyle. With hundreds of colors to choose from, we offer unparalleled selection.

  • Maximum Protection Leather For the High Energy Home.
    For the Highest energy families, this leather group offers superior protection. Special processing creates a leather that is highly resistant to liquids, sunlight & wear & tear. All Maximum Protection Leathers are easy to keep clean & are ideal for families with small children & pets. This leather choice is perfectly suited for even the busiest rooms in your home. Maximum protection, maximum comfort & maximum joy.
  • Performance Leather For The Active Home.
    Performance Leathers are covered with a delicate protective finish which leaves the natural features unaltered while providing good protection from stains & liquids. One of the most important features of this leather group is that it combines natural softness with excellent resistance to daily wear & tear. An ideal choice for active families who want the luxury & natural beauty of leather without having to change their lifestyle.
  • Natural Leather For The Home You Call Your Own.
    Natural Leathers go through the least amount of processing. Soft & supple, Natural Leather is a great pleasure to touch. All of its natural features show through, adding to its unique beauty. Ideal for people who desire a more natural look & feel, this leather group will become softer & will develop a rich patina over time. With the proper care, your investment will become more beautiful with the passing of every year.

That’s it in a nutshell. Still not convinced? Do you need to know more? Purchasing leather can be a confusing process, especially with all the misinformation and misguiding that is out there.

All we want at Leather Expressions is to assist you in making the best possible buying decision.